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  • Dabu Colourful Striped Shirt Dress

    Rs. 3,500.00

    Want a casual summery look? Try this conventional shirt dress in dabu print with a frill panel on the hem.

  • Rs. 3,600.00

    Dabu Splash Dress

    Rs. 3,600.00

    Look effortlessly cute in this double coloured dabu dress with a heart appliqué in centre front. Pair them up with sneakers and you're good to go!

  • Rs. 3,000.00

    Dabu School Dress

    Rs. 3,000.00

    Be it the nerdy or the mischievous school girl that you were, putting on this dabu dress will take everyone down the memory lane to the good old school days.

  • Dabu Open Flower Trench Dress

    Rs. 8,500.00

    Looking for something unconventional? Try our dabu trench coat come dress. Rock it as a dress or sport it as a jacket, leave it on the mood. Don't forget to see the welt pockets on each side.

  • Dabu Colorful Striped Cowl Skirt

    Rs. 3,100.00

    This dabu colorful stripes cowl skirt is an unusual yet beautiful silhouette for a skirt and that cowl add to the draped drama.

  • Handloom Skirt With Dabu Panel And Front Slit

    Rs. 3,000.00

    Peek-a-boo, I see you.
    A fusion of handloom and dabu, has made this skirt perfect for you!
    This irresistible skirt is made in handloom fabric with a dabu panel and front slit.

  • Dabu & Handloom Jumpsuit

    Rs. 7,000.00

    Our Dabu and handloom jumpsuit will accentuate the sassy you. The strappy neckline and the waist cutout will highlight all that you have been sweating in the gym for! It also has side seam pockets for added comfort. Team it up with a pair of stilettoes and earrings and you are ready to rock that party.

  • Rs. 5,700.00

    Dabu Indigo Bundi

    Rs. 5,700.00

    Don’t want all the attention? This dabu indigo bundi is perfect for the day you feel a little blue.

  • Dabu Scallops Wrap Top

    Rs. 2,500.00

    As chic as a hand-printed work of ‘dabu’ could get – this wrap top has some remarkable potential to bring out the fashionista in you. Team it up with an understated white pencil skirt and beige floppy hat for a Polo match, or keep it simple with white skinny jeans for a girls day out! Some details include single welt pockets.

  • Dabu Double Layer Pants

    Rs. 3,500.00

    “APPLE BOTTOM JEANS, BOOTS WITH THE FUR” Heard it way too much…and we think it’s time to revolutionize this track – How about “DOUBLE LAYER FLARED PANTS, DABU ALL OVER” Shawty, this is all you need to be trendy this season! Additional details include side seam pockets.

  • Rs. 2,500.00

    Dabu Twist Top

    Rs. 2,500.00

    “You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back” um says who?! Aapro doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff – This top has a dramatic twist detail at the back that holds all the allure. Dabu work all over adds onto the beauty, living upto the brand philosophy yet again – Indian, yet western!

  • Rs. 3,000.00

    Dabu Slouch Pants

    Rs. 3,000.00

    When it’s almost 40 degrees outside and you’re dying to get out of those skinny jeans, you know you need to turn to these slouchy, drop crotch pants!
    The design technique used is Dabu, and we swear it makes you feel like you’re sipping on some pina colada in Malibu (pls spare a moment to notice that rhymes, it has to be a sign…) The geometric pattern featuring diamonds and circles would go with anything plain. You could pair them up with a white crop top, and put on a loose denim shirt for a trendy runway look! Some extra attributes include elasticated waist, elasticated ankle hem and single welt pockets.

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